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Ways on How to Become a Gothic Vixen

Applying gothic makeup is really not that hard. All you just need is to have a clear picture of what and how you really want to look. You must also have an idea what gothic double layer mink lashes will look like. If you want to try and know how to do gothic makeup then follow these simple steps.

double layer mink lashes
double layer mink lashes

• Pale Face Powder
• Slanted double layer mink lashes shadow brush
• Dark eye shadow

Acste The main key to obtain a gothic double layer mink lashes look is to keep your face as pale as you can. You need to apply very minimal blush and dark eye shadow because it is the only secret to have a gothic makeup look that you want. Apply a very pale colored powder into your entire face than the normal skin toned powder. Make sure that you include your neck in applying the pale colored powder to maintain the balance of your makeup.

• You have an option not apply a blush on to have that very pale gothic look that you want or you can apply a nude pink blush on your cheeks for a very natural look that is almost unnoticeable. Apply a light gray shadow onto your upper eye lid. Then you can apply second coating of the double layer mink lashes shadow.

• Use a slanted eye shadow brush to brush away the gray and dark eye shadow at the contour of your eyelid. To have a cat eye effect look, apply some extra shadow on the outside corner of your eye. In mid part of your lid, brush some dark shadow and avoid the inside corner of your eye.

• Apply a kohl black eye liner on upper lid to extend the draw line of your eye. Using the same kohl black liner, draw a line in your lower lash line. You need to extend it up to the outside corner of your eye.

• Finally, you can apply jet black mascara to your upper and lower double layer mink lashes. After the first coating dries up, you can go ahead and apply the second coating. For a very dramatic effect, use a blood red or a dark purple lipstick and apply it into your lips. Follow up with a nude pink gloss to help it look natural.

double layer mink lashes
double layer mink lashes

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