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Eye Liner Guide

Eye liner makeup is designed to help make the eyes pop out and create the illusion of larger, thicker eye fur eyelashes suppliers. Most liners are black or brown in color and is applied to the top and lower lids of the eye. Good eye liner also gives your eyes some definition and can really help you get a different look out of your eyes.

fur eyelashes suppliers
fur eyelashes suppliers

Acste Most of us know how to apply eye fur eyelashes suppliers the way we like it, but some of us are just looking for a new look, or a way to make their current technique better. Here are a few tricks that can help you apply your liner to give you the desired results you have been looking for.

1. Never start at the corner of your eye when applying the liner. Instead of starting at the corner, start at a midway point. This will help your eye liner to have a much more natural look and not so much like the ancient Egyptians of old.

2. Try merging your eye liner into your eye fur eyelashes suppliers .

3. Mix your liner with an eye shadow fur eyelashes suppliers. This helps to stop smudging and gives you a very sexy natural look.

4. Switch out your liner pen after 180 days. Most pens become very hard and brittle after this time and are no longer soft and easy to apply. Don’t use an old pen as it can cause irritation to your eyes and in some cases injury to the eyes may occur.

fur eyelashes suppliers
fur eyelashes suppliers

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