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How To Make A Professional Custom Eyelash Packaging Box?

IRIS lashes is a Profesional Mink Lash Venors Wholesale Mink Lashes and PackagingOur Factory located in Qingdao China, we are the largest Wholesale Eyelash Vendors Factory In USA. Today, will tell you How To Make A Professional Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxstep by step .

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Do you have your own logo or brand name?
Have you established your own eyelash brand? An attractive brand logo is very discreet, not too big or too small. Let people see and know that your brand name is in place. Do not add too much or too little information on the logo page. Just let people know and remember your brand name within 1.5 seconds. If you provide more information, it will distract customers and affect brand communication.


Secondly, write your social media information (instagram, tiktok, website, facebook, email) on the back of the customized box.
When people get the box, customers will see your message again. Customers can easily find you through your contact information. Once your eyelashes will be given to others as a gift. More and more people will remember your brand.

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