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How to Promote My Lash Business in Tiktok?

Compared with Instagram and Facebook, Tiktok has more young people. Generally speaking, young people are shopping frantically than old people and pay more attention to product quality. Therefore, it is easy to build a high-quality mink business on Tiktok to accumulate reputation and develop yourself Brand, so you should actively register for a Tiktok account and expand your eyelash business. As a professional eyelash supplier, IRIS LASHES has already tried this. Here we share with you the tips on how to start your own eyelash business on TIK TOK


The picture above is a screenshot of my Tiktok account. You can see that a very simple eyelash video can attract 1K visitors. We are a Chinese whip supplier and can attract so many viewers, and because you are an American girl, you are Making eyelash videos is more professional, and avoiding that we understand the aesthetic orientation of the locals better, then you can use these advantages to gain more audiences, which is the basis of customers.



You only need to make video content to attract fans, and then put your website’s independent profile on the homepage. When your audience thinks of buying, they will visit your website to shop. You don’t need to be as professional as you show. On the other hand, among the products you publish on Instagram, some interesting and highly published videos can attract more audiences, and eventually, some audiences will turn to your customers. It can be said that the cost is very low and relatively simple. And there are tags to choose from, you can choose the right push crowd and find the right consumer group.


This is a great way to expand your eyelash business, but the most important thing is that your product can stand the test. If consumers buy back and find that the quality of the pinched eyelashes is very bad, they will stop buying again and have a bad impression of you, so you can’t develop your eyelash brand for a long time. If a product wants to develop well and become bigger and stronger, it must be fundamentally confident in its products.
IRIS Lashes is a professional mink eyelash supplier and custom eyelash packaging manufacturer. We have our own eyelash production factory, and the boxes are made by ourselves, so we only need a minimum of 30 custom boxes. This is very suitable for people who are just starting the eyelash business.