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How To Put On Eyelashes In 5 Simple Steps?

How To Put On Eyelashes In 5 Simple Steps?

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Wearing False Mink Lashes can make you look beautiful and sexy, which is one of the secrets to make you attractive.

We all love the look of False Eyelashes, but should we use them?Not really.Read on to learn how to use eyelashes like a pro and keep your Mink Eyelashes looking fresh!

1. Prepare your natural eyelashes

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After completing your eye shadow and eyeliner selection, roll up your eyelashes and eyeliner.Try Bioterm lashes’s mink eyelashes, tweezers, and eyeliner glue.

2. Apply glue to your eyelashes

Hold eyelashes with tweezers and apply a thin layer of glue on the eyelashes with Biotherm lashes’s glue brush

Remember, don’t go overboard, just a thin layer, just add the right amount.

Pay attention to color: Dark glue will blend better with your eyeliner.B prefers the black glue because it blends perfectly with the eyelashes.But don’t worry: the white glue will be transparent and clean when it dries, so it won’t spoil the beauty of your lashes.

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3. Wait for the glue to dry slightly

Here’s a tip: “It’s important to wave your eyelashes after applying the glue and let the glue dry for about 15 seconds.When you apply mascara, it reduces the likelihood of false lashes sliding around.This keeps the recipe dry enough and prevents you from getting glue everywhere.”

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4. Glue the ribbon onto your eyeliner and press it down

Using tweezers again, place the lashes where your eyeliner is and press them against it.B There are a variety of mink eyelash styles to choose from.

5. Use a black eyeliner to hide the lash line

Extra eyeliner can be used to fill in any small gaps.Tinker with your makeup, note: While a little mascara on your false lashes will help blend in with your real lashes, it will limit your mascara to one or two times.

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