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How to remove false eyelash ribbon correctly

How to remove false eyelash ribbon correctly

Why does someone always say tear off false eyelash to strip very painful really?

The problem is, they stick the lashes to their eyelids, so when the real lashes are pulled out, or accidentally pulled out, it can be very painful.

Today, we share some tips for removing false eyelashes.

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Oil immersion is a quick and safe way to remove eyelashes without causing any damage to the lash itself.All you have to do is massage the mascara and let it sit for 20 seconds. This will help soften the adhesive and allow you to slide the lashes down easily.Not all oils are suitable for your eyes, so stick to the recommended oils for your face.

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Another safe method is to use a degumming agent.Take a small amount of remover and put it on a cotton pad. After 30 seconds, wipe the eyelid. Brush the base of the false eyelashes a few times with a cotton pad or cotton swab.Please do not try to remove your mascara at this time and wash your face with soap and water at this time.

Then remove the lashes from the skin in the inner corner of the eye and remove the remaining lashes from the skin in the outer corner of the eye.Don’t pull out false eyelashes, use eye circles, use eye circles, use eye circles!

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Keep your lashes in the original mascara case and keep them dry.

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