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How To Select Mink Eyelashes Best For Your Eye Shape?

How To Select Mink Eyelashes Best For Your Eye Shape?

One of the natural beauty enhancements that most women preferred and that now has becoming a trend is through wearing Mink Eyelashes or False EyelashesWho doesn’t want to feel and look more beautiful? No one, right?  Everyone wants to maximize the magic of False Eyelashes to add more beauty and feel much better. This is one of the easiest and most catchy transformations your face can have. If you want your eyes looks bigger, brighter and more prominent, wearing false eyelashes is the key. It can even give you longer, fuller eyelashes that you’ve always wanted but bear in mind as well that not all eyelashes are created equal. Sometimes, eyelashes looks better depending on your hairstyle, face shape as it helps enhance your natural eyes and even change the shape of your eyes.

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But do you know the perfect mink eyelashes that suits your eye shape? You probably don’t have an idea yet as it seems tricky at first, however, there’s no need for you to worry as this article will help you identify and find the suitable lashes that perfectly complement the shape of your face.


Round eyes. If your eyes are like of Katy Perry or Nicole Richie, which are large in width and height and you can see most of your iris, you probably have a round eyes. The perfect eyelashes for you would be long, tapered (longer on the ends) and dramatic. This is good to highlight the circular shape of your eyes. Avoid too thick or heavy and double tapered as it can make your large eyes appear rounder, flatter and smaller.


Close-set eyes. If you have the eyes like Kristen Stewart or Michelle Obama, then you have a close-set eye shape. You can say that your eyes is close-set if the distance between your eyes is shorter than the width of one eye. The perfect eyelashes for you must be tapered (longer on the ends) in order to create illusion of elongation. With this eye shape, it is better to leave its inner corners free and emphasize the other corner to lengthen and lift your eyes outwards.


Wide-set. If you have this eye shape, you need to highlight the inward portion with double tapered lashes with the longest hairs towards the center. A good recommendation would be a full flared lashes like Marilyn or Elizabeth Lux to enhance the extra space between your eyes.


Deep-set eyes. If you find your eyes the same as Natalie Portman, well you’re having a deep-set eye shape that sit under the brown bone. Ladies having this elegant deep set eyes should highlight their large eyes. Marilyn, Raquel and Patricia would be a perfect fit which features wispy natural-looking ends and has a medium volume switching the focus from your brow bone to the center of your eyes. Choose for an extra length lashes that curl up away from your eye to avoid mascara smudges on your brown bone.


Monolid eyes. This eye shape is common among Asian beauties where there is no crease be seen on the eyelid.  If you have this eye shape well, you are very versatile and free to experiment from different styles depending on the look you want to achieve. With this, you may select a fluttery lash with crisscross layers that will open up you eye. You may also use a medium length lashes that are tapered like Twiggy Lux to emphasize as well as soften your eyes. Also, make sure to always curl your top tip to highlight more your eyes.


Down-turned eyes. When your eye shape is slightly drop on the outer corner then you are having a down-turned eye shape. Again, Marilyn Lux, Elizabeth and Ella would be a perfect fit as it has long tapered lashes that will create symmetry and upward illusion to enhance this drop.


Up-turned eyes. If you’re having an eye shape like Taylor Swift, then it is an up-turned eye shape. Its outer corner points higher than its inner corner which makes it perfect for an eye cat style like of T-Swift’s eye looks. With this, you can use double tapered lashes like the Marilyn, Lucy, Jackie or Judy. You can do an easy feline flick in seconds, like a flared half lash in the outer corner. If you have this eye shape, avoid tapered and longer lashes on the ends as it will create an additional life on your outer corners.


Prominent eyes. If you have a beautifully protruding eyes that have the appearance of bulging out of the eye socket like of Olivia Palermo, then you can enhance this into a dreamy, romantic nature with a dramatic, feathery false lash. You can also prevent your protruding lids from overpowering your look through using short or medium length lashes.


Small eyes. If you have a proportionally smaller eyes, you need to choose natural looking eyelashes and are not too thick or heavy to appear your eyes smaller. You may use tapered or winged lashes to make your small eye looks wider by putting its outer corner of Flutterfluff Twiggy or Ella. You may also make your eyes appear larger and rounder by curling your lashes with lash curler to open your eyes and use double tapered lashes that are long in the center and shorter on the outer corners like Natalie, Lucy or Jackie.


Almond shaped eyes. Beyonce is the perfect example of this almond shaped eyes. If you’ve got this eye shape same as Queen Bey, then you’ve got a slightly pointed at the ends with wider center of the iris hidden by the upper and lower lids. It has an equal proportions with a visible lid when eyes are open. Most oval face shape has this almond eye shape where most lashes look great. One of this would be a pair of wispy, voluminous mink lashes like Flutterfluff Lola Lux or Marilyn or tapered and longer on the outer corners like Ella and Twiggy to add flair and to show off the shape of your eyes.


Hooded Eyes. If the fold of your eyelid hides some of your lid when you open your eyes, and not all of it are visible, then you’re having a hooded eyes. This eye shape has a crease with prominent brow bone and make the moving part of your lid appear smaller. One of the best lashes recommendations would be a pair of double tapered lashes with short and long strands that has the longest lashes right above your pupil like Patricia and Natalie to really open your eye at the center and create an illusion of depth. Avoid super dramatic lashes that can make your eyes look smaller.

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