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How to Get Long Healthy Eyelashes

The hair follicle is an important part of the hair, and also the Mink Lashes. As the body ages, the hair follicle can weaken. This, combined with environmental and health factors can slow the growth of new eyelashes, and at the same time increase the breakage of existing lashes.

Mink Lashes
Mink Lashes

Acste Over time, Mink Lashes can become dry and brittle. They can break and even fall out. Although eyelashes naturally fall out and get replaced with new lashes on a continual basis; as we age, this process slows down. The use of eye makeup, eyelash curlers, extensions and false eyelashes increases the dryness of eyelashes even more, making them more brittle and more susceptible to breakage.

A healthy diet and hair conditioning can help decrease the dryness and brittleness of hair, which of course includes the Mink Lashes. Similar to salon conditioning hair treatments, there are conditioners for eyelashes. Some eyelash conditioners understandably work better than others because of their higher quality ingredients. The higher quality eyelash conditioners usually work much faster on conditioning the eyelashes, making a noticeable difference in their length and thickness.

Another issue to be concerned about is eye irritation. Since the Mink Lashes are so close to the eyes, you don’t want to treat them with the same ingredients you would put on your regular hair. You don’t want to use just any eyelash conditioner either. As eyelash conditioners have become more advanced, so have the ingredients. You can now get eyelash conditioners with all-natural botanical ingredients that have been tested by doctors, and in most cases cause no eye irritation to the user.

Actually, Mink Lashes conditioners can make your eyelashes healthy and strong in not 1 – but 2 ways. The second way is that since they make your eyelashes longer and fuller, this will eliminate (in most cases) the need for eyelash extensions, false eyelashes – even mascara. You don’t even need to curl them, so the additional stress that you may be putting on your lashes will be eliminated, making your lashes happy and healthy!

Mink Lashes
Mink Lashes

Consider the time and money spent on eyelash accessories, makeup and cosmetics tools. Even a good quality eyelash conditioner will look like a bargain.


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