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Precautions For Eyelash Grafting

Precautions For Eyelash Grafting

What should we pay attention to when grafting eyelashes? After grafting,what problems should be paid attention to when keeping eyelashes?

Let ’s take a look at the precautions for grafting eyelashes with eyelashes!

One: before surgery

1. Make sure your body is healthy before grafting eyelashes, and there is no infectious disease or other body inflammation;

2. Do not apply eye makeup before grafting eyelashes;

Two: Postoperative

1. Don’t “circle” the eyes during cleansing. Use a cleansing towel to gently press the eyelashes in the direction of growth twice.

2. Do not use any eyelash tools after grafting eyelashes. Mascara and eyelash curler will cause false eyelashes to fall off.

3. If the lower lashes are too thin, you can make up the lower lashes properly. Pay special attention to cleaning only the lower lashes when removing makeup.

4. Find a regular technician to do eyelash grafting in a regular beauty salon. Because the eye contact is too close, the products used are very different. Unqualified artificial fibers, viscose and unhygienic operations can cause inestimable damage to the eyes.

5. The beauty salon’s guarantee that it will not fall off within 3 months is just the ideal state. Because with the natural fall of your eyelashes, cleansing and daily eye contact will shorten the life of grafted eyelashes, if you want to maintain the beautiful as soon as you finish, you can only go to the beauty salon to do repairs.

6. Even if you choose the best products (false eyelashes and glue), when the false eyelashes fall off, it will hurt the real eyelashes.

7, After grafting eyelashes, you do not need to apply mascara. Eye makeup can be applied normally, but when removing makeup, do not use oily products. Therefore, please prepare a makeup remover or makeup remover in advance. When removing makeup, use a cotton swab to gently wipe to prevent false eyelashes from falling off due to rubbing.

8. If you find the eyelashes are too messy, use a special comb for eyelashes to comb the eyelashes.

SO Be sure to take care of your eyelashes, or you can choose good quality mink eyelashes, for example, our eyelashes can be reused 20-35 times, which is more cost-effective than grafting eyelashes.



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