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What You Need To Know About Eyelash Extension

What You Need To Know About Eyelash Extension

1. How to get the most suitable eyelashes?

In order to extend the life of your eyelashes, it is important to know how and why the eyelash technician chooses a specific eyelash, length or shape for you. The natural shape of the eyelashes (is it curly or straight, long or short?) and the overall health of the eyelashes all play an important role in ensuring a natural and viable appearance. “A good eyelash technician must have the knowledge to evaluate the client’s natural eyelashes. The length of the eyelashes, the thickness of the eyelashes, and the type of eyelashes.

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2. Mink, silk, acrylic or fox: what is the difference, which one looks natural most?

The only natural fiber eyelash extender available is 100% mink, fox and human eyelashes. Of course, the disadvantage of natural fiber is that the length and thickness cannot be controlled. But the benefit is how natural and soft these options look compared to synthetic materials.

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3. Will eyelash extensions affect the health of natural eyelashes?

A common misconception is that eyelash extension can damage or impair the health of natural eyelashes. It is believed that it may be because you have forgotten what the real eyelashes look like before lengthening. “Unfortunately, customers have become accustomed to the length and thickness of eyelash extensions. When removing eyelashes, they forget the shortness and thinness of natural eyelashes.” If used correctly and not pulled out, eyelash extender will not damage your natural eyelashes .

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4. How to maintain eyelashes between fillings?

It seems obvious that the best way to maintain and extend extended life is to follow the guidelines set by the salon, but many people do not. Playing with or pulling out the eyelashes, overbrushing it (ideally once a day), rubbing or scratching your eyes will damage your eyelashes. Also do not wet them before the end of the eight hours (or any given time frame) after application.

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