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Where to find Wholesale Lash Vendors Near Me?

First,US wholesale eyelashes

IRIS eyelashes is the best eyelash supplier in the United States. We provide high-end luxury mink eyelashes for many eyelash distributors, such as 25mm Siberian mink eyelashes wholesale, dramatic long eyelashes and natural mink eyelashes, at a competitive wholesale price.



Second, top grade luxury mink lashes .

All the luxury mink lashes are made of top grade luxury mink lashes fur, we select the mink lashes one by one, which is a huge work ,all the mink fur are selected for the young mink , fluffy and sharpen, soft and vivid.

This the key factor as you know , if you want to do a top grade luxury mink lashes, the material is the first important thing .


The second factory is craft.

we shaped the lashes with physical ways instead of the chemical liquid, which is unique in the market , most lashes factory use chemical to shape the 3D effect, but we won’t do that, all the luxury mink lashes we shaped by safe way in order to make a healthy lashes.


We can also provide top-level services according to customs and habits around the world

This is not only because our luxurious mink eyelashes are the best mink eyelashes in the international market, but we also provide the best service to our customers.

These are also the third factors that are vital to our regular customers.
If you want to start eyelash business, we can help you start eyelash business step by step.
If you want to build your own eyelash brand, our IT team, quality control team and design team will help formulate the most professional marketing strategy.

You will become the best and professional mink fur supplier in your local market.

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