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Why Is The MOQ Of Our Custom Boxes So Low?

Why Is The MOQ Of Our Custom Boxes So Low?

IRIS lashes  is one of the top 5 Eyelash Manufacturers and wholesalers in the US eyelash market.

IRIS lashes has its own mink Eyelash Factory and eyelash Custom Packaging Factory. Many customers are individuals who have just started the Eyelash Business. Need to choose a good Eyelash Supplier, professional advice and high-quality products, then choose IRIS lashes , we serve 24 hours, and produce eyelashes, customized packaging boxes, eyelash tools, glue, eyeliner, one-stop service .

Because the customer has just started the eyelash business, or wants to try the quality of the sample first and then buy in large quantities, due to the limitation of the start-up capital, it is impossible to order in large quantities for the first time, so the minimum order quantity of IRIS lashes is reduced, and you only need to order 30 A logo printed on each Eyelash Packaging Box is a service that other  Lash Suppliers cannot provide!

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And we also provide LOGO design service, we have a professional team, professional packaging box design, and we are free!!

IRIS lashes  provides more than 100 sets of customized eyelash packaging boxes. We can use laser to print any LOGO you want on the box, please remember that we are high-quality boxes, and laser printing, not low-quality LOGO stickers. If you want to order, please contact me WHAP+8613375572864

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