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Why Suggest You Choice Mink Lashes Not Synthetic Lashes

Why Suggest You Choice Mink Lashes Not Synthetic Lashes

Most girls ask us which is better, is the Mink Lashes better than Synthetic Lashes? Mink VS Synthetic Lashes, What should I buy from my Lashes Vendor?What is the difference between the two?How much do they cost?And today, we will answer all the questions in this post. And wish you can make a perfect order.

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First, what are mink lashes?

As we know, mink lashes are made of mink fur, so we called them mink lashes. And there are too many styles in the market. 25MM Mink Lashes and Fluffy Mink Lashes are the popular mink lashes in the market.When it comes to the raw material, some said they are Siberian Mink Fur Hair, some one said they are best mink fur from healthy minks. If you want to know what is the best mink fur lashes, you can add our Whatsapp to get the secret. We will share all the truth and knowledge to you guys.

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Second, what are synthetic lashes?

The synthetic lashes are the one made of special material we called Man-made materials. Such as the plastic, the fiber, the silk one. We all called them synthetic lashes.Sometimes we mix the human hair and fiber to make one, we called them Faux Lashes.So In terms of chemical composition, they are different.

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Third, How much do the mink lashes cost?

The retail price of the mink lashes are different according to the length and style. Different length, different cost.If you order the 25MM mink lashes that will cost more raw materials.As we know, the retail price is 15 USD to 30 USD in the US market.And if you buy mink lashes from your Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor that will cost much cheaper than the retail price.Usually it will cost 3 USD to 10 USD according to the quality and style. If you buy Bulk Mink Lashes Orders, you will get a good wholesale price.If you want to get the details about the wholesale price, you can add our WhatsApp+8613375572864 to get the exact wholesale price.

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Fourth, How much do the synthetic lashes cost?

Synthetic lashes are much cheaper than mink lashes usually. But there are do best synthetic materials in the market, they are as the same price as some mink lashes.They are soft, light and vivid.But usually it cost 1 USD to 3 USD each pair, and if you order more, you will get a discount from your Eyelash Vendors.If you buy the detail price, that will be 10 USD to 20 USD each pair, and that will much more expensive than the wholesale price.You can add our WhatsApp to order some luxury lashes sample to test the quality. You will love our luxury lashes if you do USA market.All of them are popular one in the market, you can sold them out in a short time and get your money back.

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