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Why Do I Have To Choose Chinese Brand Eyelashes

Why Do I Have To Choose Chinese Brand Eyelashes

IRIS Lashes is a famous Eyelash Vendors of Lash Wholesale in China and has its own factory! Why more and more wholesalers like to choose eyelash factories in China as their Mink Lashes Vendor? Because Qingdao, Shandong Province, China is the birthplace of eyelashes and the largest production base of Wholesale Lashes in the world! Eighty percent of eyelashes on the market come from here.

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Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging

Variety Of Eyelash Styles

There are many varieties of Lash Wholesale products from China. Human hair Wholesale Mink Lashes, chemical faux Lash Wholesale, mink eyelashes. Among them, Wholesale Lashes are the best-selling Lash Wholesale. IRIS Lashes has more than 250 Wholesale Mink Lashes styles for you to choose from: short natural styles and long dramatic eyelashes. From short to long, they are 13mm 16mm 18mm 20mm 22mm 25mm.wholesale eyelash vendor

Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

The Best Wholesale Price

Unlike ordering eyelashes from an American Mink Eyelash Vendors, the Chinese Lashes Vendors is a factory, and you will get a better wholesale price if you order Lash Wholesale from an eyelash factory. Products of the same quality eliminate the need for middlemen and help you save a large part of the cost.

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